16 December, 2011

On the Bike to Heidelberg and back via Nigel

The 16th December is one of many public holidays in South Africa.

Trish had wanted for a long time now, go and do a some historical geocaches. The most historically themed geocaches seemed to be in Heidelberg, about a 40 minute ride / drive from Edenvale.

The idea was to make a bike trip out of it, doing mostly historical caches. Doing more research I found 2 in Alberton, and so the plan hatched to ride from Edenvale to Alberton, anti clock wise around Suiker bos rand, into Heidelberg. Then back home via Nigel and Springs.
If all went well this would bag me about 8 to 10 caches, but it was more about the outing then the geocaching.
We found one in Alberton, and DNFed (Did Not Find) the second. I entered the co-ords of a one stop, where Trish could have a smoke break, but as it happened it was not the one on the Alberton to Vereniging highway, but the one from Alberton to Heidelberg highway.
I had a feeling we we were going in the wrong direction, but since I did not know the area, I thought the GPSr might know  a shorter or better road. Once we got close to the highway it was I realised what had happened, and decided to just go with the flow, and go past the eastern side of Suikerbos Rand to Heidelberg.
The ride on the N3 towards Heidelberg was quite uneventful, except that my head was bobbing around like one of those little men in the back of old cars. We did a geocaching about the woman and children dying in the concentration kamps in the Boer war, and then entered Heidelberg.
I have been past the town many a time in my life, but I think this is the first time I have actualy entered it. It seemed small,and quaint, but there were signs of the big city as well. Nando's, Wimpy, and FNB. 

After attempting a geocache or two, we looked for a place to eat. We wanted something small town. We tried the "Plaashuisstoep Coffee Shop". But it was closed. Trish had seen some sign boards, and we went looking for them again, and that is how we found "Her Majesteas Salon" (link)

Its a small quaint little place, with lots of interesting hooks and crannies. We sat down, and of the over 100 teas they had I ordered my plain old Rooibos tea. Trish had coffee. My tea arrived in a glass teapot, and not in one of these modern tea bags. Oh no, it was once of those tea leaf holders my parent used to use. After the drinks arrived we ordered toasted sandwiches. The sandwiches were tripple layered, and well worth the R45.00 odd each. It filled the spot.

After lunch we explored the house a little the walls were almost half a meter thick, and when I asked the lady when it was built, the answer was shortly after the stone church around 1860, and this it was the second oldest building in Heidelberg.
We bought my mom a arm band, which was in the "R10.00 or less basket, but by the time we got to the till it was R75.00. "Oh well, mom will like it so lets just get it".

We did a few more geocaches in Heidelberg, most notably one at the grave yard, where the last person who was shot in the Boer war is buried. Then it was off towards Nigel, and then home via Springs.

As we passed East Rand mall, I thought it might be a good idea to stop off at the Pet shop. I want to Trish an African Grey for Christmas. We looked, but they didn't have any babies. They did have a breading pair for R2900.00, but Trish wasn't interested.
Although our bums were sore from sitting, we decided to go past another pet shop in Kempton Park, and see if they had any. Also none available there.

All in all we did about 175 km on our trip. We were both tired, and went for a nap once we got home.

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