27 December, 2011

Washing and waterproofing my bike gear.

I was chatting to a good old friend of mine, Roger, who had moved to the UK, about the bike, and the clothing and told me about a product called "NikWax" he uses to wash his motorbike gear with and re-waterproofs it as well.

I did a bit of a search, and found out that Trappers sells the stuff her in South Africa. When we came back from Heidelberg, and were looking for an African Grey, we saw the shop in Boksburg, but they were already shut.

On the Friday before Christmas, I decided, that I wanted to go buy the stuff, as my jacked was looking rather dirty, and it needed a good wash.

I bought the stuff. I got two bottles. One to wash the clothes with, and a second to re-waterproof my jacked and pants. The reason for the re-waterproofing is that I Trish washed my jacked with normal soap some time ago.
The nice feature of NikWax is that the tops are colour coded. Grteen to wash with and Purple to protect with.
The guy at the counter had a look at my jacked and suggested, I rather get spray on water proofing. He disappeared, and came back a short while later. They were out of stock of the spray on stuff, and expect a new shipment by end of January. I'll go back then and get the spray on stuff.

We washed the pants and jacked, and then put it on the drying rack, with a fan blowing air over it. By the next morning it was dry. The feel now when rubbing them is a silky feel. Almost a little plastic-ky. I still waiting to ride through the rain with it though, to see how water-proof it is.

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