12 December, 2011

To Deneysville and back on the bike. Our first long distance ride

 We, being Trish and myself, with Oliver went to Deneysville on Saturday on the bikes.

It was a total round trip of 240 km. It was cloudy with a chance of rain. From accuweather.com it looked a little better in Deneysville so we decided to take the chance hoping there would be no, or very little rain. Bike riding is fun ... as long as one doesn't get wet. The clouds were looming over us the whole day, but we only had 5 or so drops on the helmet on the way home.

We left home just after 7H30,. I had to fill up, and once we got onto the highway I was very happy to sit at 120 km/h on the clocks. Soon that got boring. Then it was 120 km/h on the GPS. Then that got boring, and the bike still had lots to give. Then pushed her for a little to about 130 on the GPS. That is about 140 on the clocks or just under

Once we passed Vereeniging we got off the highway and the ride became a lot more enjoyable. I had to be a lot more alert, and the scenery becomes so much more interesting as well. We passed a hill, which was on our right, with what looked like steam coming off it.

We stopped for two geocaches at the dam wall by the bridge going over the Vaal river. I also took some photos of the fishermen by the river, the slues gates, and two lonely wild growing sunflowers.

Afterwards we entered Deneysville, with lots of people setting up small stalls for the Saturday. We went to the Motorbike museum, and had breakfast at the inn. We started off with coffee for Oliver and Trish, and Rooibos tea for me, and each ordered a English breakfast.

Just as my tea was about finished, the breakfast arrived. 2 Pieces of toasts, 2 eggs, bacon, a sausage and half a tomato.  It went down well. Trish had another cup of coffee, a smoke, and after I paid the bill we went looking at the bikes in the museum.

I loved looking and taking photos of the old bikes. Some were pre ‘60s and I found these the most interesting to look at. Lots of race bikes as well. I suppose those are really the ones which make history.

I am still amazed at how the old front shocks work on those old bikes. I spent about 5 minutes or so figuring out how the mechanical advantages worked on them front shocks. I wonder how the ride would be in relation with today’s front bike shocks. It must have been marvellous technology in the day.

Then it was off into town, to do another geocache at an old gate which allowed access into a small reserve. I found it quite quickly, and Oliver was gob-smacked at the ingenuity of the cache. I knew it was a sneaky hide, and I was myself quite surprised ... and relieved ... at how quickly I found it.

Then on the spur of the moments Trish and Oliver decided to allow me to do one more cache close to the water edge. 

On the way there we passed this most amazing castle-looking house, with "moat and all". It had big signs, stating it was " Private Property" and other things of being prosecuted should one trespass. Should have take a photo. The moat was empty, but it must be beautiful with water and fish in. We arrived at the cul-de-sac and it took me a little while to find the geocache. I signed it, and by now the sun was coming out, and we were all getting quite hot in the motorbike gear.  The higher speed riding would soon welcomed to cool us down a little.

I had hoped to ride back home over Heidelberg / Nigel and pick up a geocache or two on route, but Oliver was leading and he took the same route as we came. We had to stop twice for road works being performed on the road. Looking at the sections where they were supposed to be working, and all the weeds growing in the road, it must have been months since they did any work on the road.We “pulled rank” and stopped in front of the cars already there, and once we were allowed to get going sped off, leaving them far behind.

At home we had a nice relaxing cup of tea, spoke about the day’s events, and once Oliver left Trish and I went for a snooze. It was quite tiring, all the concentration I had to do on the bike.

It seems like I am not yet bike fit. With more and more rides over time we will get there. Looking forward to the next outing. Sounds like it will be to Hartebeespoort dam and surroundings.There is a geocaching event in Rustenburg on the 17th. Maybe a bit to far on the bike with two up. But maybe we feel up to it. Lets see what happens.

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