12 July, 2008

Some stuff.

Wow, it has been 4 months since my last post. That is not good.

Some updates.

Diablo, went quite well, but at Nightmare it is much more difficult then on the other levels. And I must add I like it that way.

Bottom room is still being completed. We actually worked on it a little today, where we sealed the sealing, and touched up a few places where we need to paint. Basically the following still needs to be done:
1) Paint the walls and sealing.
2) Complete the connection of the electric point.
3) Put in the kitchen cupboards.
4) Tile the kitchen.
5) Clean everything up
6) Get someone to rent.
7) Build movable gate.
8) Build a carport.

What was a 2 or 3 months project has become almost a year project. It seems to take a lot of effort to complete. Pappa assisted with putting in the door, and although there was a kink on the left door wall, the door fits superbly.

My car's timing belt broke 2 weeks ago. Lots of money to fix it. Basically the money we had saved up for the kitchen for the granny flat, was spent on fixing the car.

Last weekend we went geocachcing with Wildbirds. Awesome day! with 14 caches done, although only 12 were new for us.

Plans for moving over seas.
We have been thinking for a while on moving overseas, and in all of our minds we were planning on going to Canada. An email from Lode, made me think about the one thing I realy dislike. Long, VERY cold days. I get headaches when I get really cold for very long times.

Rudolf has just completed LeJog, which is a bike ride (peddle bike) from the most south-west point in the England to the most Northern point in Ireland. 10 days riding, and 2 days rest. He made it, and it looks like an awesome thing to do. I thought that if I were a little fitter, I could do something similar with the kids, and UK or Europa would be the ideal place to do this.

This got me thinking again of the possibility of moving to UK again. Although the one thing would be not working in London itself. I find things in London to formal, and to fast moving. If we do move to the UK, it would need to be in a smaller town. Now moving to the UK does not seem so bad, and there are lots of extra perks. Things such as my cousins in Holland. Trish's cousin in Switzerland. All of Europe's city's are no longer that far away, and a much better chance that our parent would come visit us (more often?). Also Rudolf is in London, and could be of great assistance to us moving there. Also there are over 30,000 geocaches in the UK, which helps.

So although Canada is most definitely not out the door, I (or hopefully we) are thinking of the possibility of UK. Need to do some more homework.