08 September, 2008

2 Years of geocaching

We have just reached our 2 year mark of geocaching.
That is 50 finds for the 1st year, and 154 finds in the second year.

That makes it an average of almost 2 caches each weekend, for the last two year (52 Weeks * 2 years * 2 caches per weekend = 208 caches).

Not bad going. There are other cachers who do a lot more caches then we do.

However something interesting I saw on the SA rankings page (SA Georanking Statistics) is that very view of the high find cachers find many TBs and coins. It seems like that we at least find almost one coin/TB for every cache we find. But this does not mean we only do caches where there are coins/bugs. On the contrary I think I spend a lot of time at events getting all the numbers from the TB's and coins. Also I have now for a while already, only loged a TB/coin as discovered if I have taken a photo of it. Just discovering it because it was on some list, I no longer do.

My log book for the 3rd year will now also include a list of all the more interesting TB's and coins we as the DamhuisClan have come across (I will include some TB's of previous years).

My current Logbooks (for year 1 and 2) can be seen here:
DamhuisClan Logbook - Year 1
DamhuisClan Logbook - Year 2

Should someone be interested in browsing through the log book I can email a low quality PDF document to them. Either leave a comment, or email me.

02 September, 2008

Legend has it....

'Legend has it', (on hearsay) that an internet financial institution's web site is a little safer after today. Hopefully I helped some little community, without them even knowing it.

It would have been nice if "they" had given me 1% of the money on what would *they* could have spent on damage control, had I not found the security risk, and had I rather gone to a newspaper then to *them* (but just as paying your TV license: It was the right thing to do [to go to *them*])......