01 January, 2014

Eastern Cape, PE, Port Alfred, and Baviaanskloof

We spend our December holidays in PE.

This year we bought a 3 bike, bike trailer and we took my bike with the 2 boy's 125 cc bikes down with us.

I basically did 3 long(ish) rides in the 3 weeks we were there, and covered a total of about 3500 km.
They have a lot more muggies in the eastern cape then up here in Gauteng as could be seen after each bike ride on my visor. Its also a lot more humid, and one gets hot in the bike gear lot quicker then up here. But boy ... the scenery is lovely.

The first ride, was with a good geocaching lady friend of mine called 'grannynasty' who used to be a biker as well. We headed towards Lady slipper and took a lovely sand road to the right of the mountain. Nice hard and compact dirt road most of the way . I could handle 80 kmph + almost all the time. Went past a lot of farms, and the most amazing scenery.
Right on top of the mountain we saw a geocache, not to far off the main road in Baviaanskloof, and decided to head in that direction. At one steep section I lost traction and fell. Luckily grannynasty was not on the bike. Ego dented big time. Luckily it was mostly paint work scratched. We then went via Hankey and Petensie to view Victoria's bust, and after almost 300 km arrived safely back home.

The second ride was with the Trish and the boys on their bikes to Jeffrey bay. Anya was on the back of Jerome's bike, and we handled around 80 kmph most of the way. It was another hot humid day. Viewed all the people at the beach and then went for drinks. Boys rocon there were lots of hot girls about. And Any also said there were a few hot guys to be seen.

We had a pitsa in a cone, and then returned back home having a quick stop at Van Stadensrevier bridge.

My 3rd ride was to Port Alfred with grannynasty accompanying me , and we had a lovely ride along the coastal sand road after visiting Bushmans, Kenton on sea, and Port Alfred for some geocaches.
The coastal road was an awesome ride, via Cannon Rocks and Addo Elephant Park back to Alexandria and then back home. grannynasty also took me to Landmans monument. Wow what a site that was. The monument was in the shape of the earth with ossewa and oxen over South Africa to commemorate the Voortrekkeers.
Next time we will take the other coastal road from Alexandria to N2 running parallel to R72. Did a total of 400 km that day. It was another awesome outing.


Do not read the contents of this post while operating a motorcycle, unless advised to do so by a physician.