03 May, 2009

Geocaching CITO event / 350 finds.

Yesterday the 2nd May 2009, we reached 350 finds, at a geocaching CITO event. CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out, and it is the geocaching way to give a little back to nauture, for giving us such great adventures and hiding spots for this great game. The 2nd may was also international CITO day world wide, and we were one of many events that cleaned a park somewhere in the world. At my last check there were more then 1000 photos uploaded to CITO Event.

In total we were about 26 people, where of 6 were school going kids, at this the only South African event.

We arrived at the given co-ordinates, and were give some yellow plastic bags, much stronger then the black bags we use at home, tehn some instructions, and then sent into a small velt /nature reserve.

We slowly moved down the park on the southern side of the river, pickup up trash. We even found an odd tennisball, soccer ball, hocky ball, and golf ball, hit over the school fence. One guy even found a small scooter. By the time we got to the bottom of the park, the bakkie, was layden down with trash, and straps had to be used, to keep the bags from falling off.

The return path back to the top on the northern side was much quicker, and I saw a huge bee hive in one of the drains.

Once at the top we took another photo, of bakkie with trash, and and then went to a nearby lapa where we had a social get together, and a braai.

In total, I recon, we picked up more then 500 kg of trash. Not bad, if you consider that Joel, the park's person in charge of this area, sent in his guys 3 weeks, and they all returned with half a bag full each, saying the park is now clean.

I am glad that I have now completed my first ever CITO event, but would not like to do it to often. Once a year I would be happy with. I have now removed much, much more trash in weight, then I have hidden to date.