01 July, 2016

Brexit and the consequences for the next generation

I don’t usually worry or get involved with politics, but this Brexit fascinates me.

If I was a Brit, I think I would have voted to exit.
But that was with very limited info … and the implications now seem much worse.

The one main reason I have changed my mind is this:
Source: (http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/politics/blogs/why-recent-brexit-vote-should-be-warning-young-americans)

It seems like the older generations that remember a time before the EU were slightly more prone to leave.
The younger generation seem to be part of and identify with the EU.

From the article it seems like if 16 yo were allowed to vote the outcome would possibly have been different.

This means that in 10 years time, or at the most 20 years time, most (of the working class) people in the UK would want to be part of the EU. If they are out then they are out for quite some time to come.

I hope the new UK government takes this into account, as the new millennials that will shortly join the work force, and they feel part of the EU.

Interesting times ahead.