26 July, 2014

Bike Ride 60 - Home to Delareyville

Some one at the BMW Motorcycle club in PTA organised a trip to Groot-Marico to go and "sample" some mampoer. Since it has been almost a year since we last added some new towns to our visited list, I thought it was the right time to combine the two thoughts into a single long weekend outing.

I got a days leave from work, and on Friday the 4th July we headed just after 7H15, out towards the West Rand via the N3 South then via the M2 onto Main Reef road. We stopped for coffee and a small bite to eat at McDonalds just after 08H00.

Soon after that we got the open road, and did a quick stop doing a geocache at the Tarlton Race track, and then headed to Magaliesburg, and then using the R509 towards Derby and Koster.

The people in Koster are so behind the times they still have the old Transvaal numberplate on their trailers as can be seen in the photo :)

After Koster we headed south on the D826 and R30 into Ventersburg, where we stopped for a "Welcome to" photo, and town photo, a geocache, petrol, and lunch. We had lunch at Barcelos. The chicken burgers were very tasty but a bit small. Chips were outstanding.

Then we headed west ward on the N14, and got some photos in Coligny and soon afterwards at Gerdau. On the road between Gardau and Ottosdal we picked up another 4 geocaches where the last one was at the church where there were Voortrekker tracks in the cement at the memorial.

Then it was the last 50 odd km towards Delareyville where we would stay for the night.

After finding a place to stay, I went to the shops for milk and rusks for our coffee and tea. After putting the action camera, intercom and cell phones on charge we we went for dinner at the restaurant the B&B was part of. Dinner was very good, and reasonably priced. Dinner and the night's stay came to just over R700.00.

The B&B looked very good, but the shower did not have a soap dish, and the bed felt very cheap. There was also some hooting at 2AM in the morning close by. All in all we give this place a 6 out of 10.

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