26 July, 2014

Bike Ride 61 - Delareyville to Groot-Marico

This was an awesome day, although we arrived at Groot-Marico an hour later then I had planned / wanted to.

We took our town photo in front of the B&B where we stayed and headed north around 08H15 through to Sannieshof and then Biesesvlei, and then further onwards to Lichtenburg. In Lichtenburg we took out town photo, did two geocaches (one was by Gen Delarey's grave site), visited 2 petrol stations to get to the loo, and then headed further north to Ottoshoop.

Ottoshoop is a strange town. Seemed like it had one street, and lots of bumps. A bump about very 150 meters. I went over the first few but soon enough looked for ways around them. And I was not the only one all other verhcles had made new paths around the bumps as well. So much so that there was almost a permenant dirt road next to the tar road. We saw quite a few houses, and it seemed like of people who had retried here. The police station looked like the only "business" in town. The libruary was closed where we took out town photo.

After the photo we went for coffee at "Die Gat - Pub and Grill" just outside of town. They had to rush out and buy some coffee and milk. We also had a quick plate of chips and then left for Groot-Marico knowing that we were now somewhat late.

We did a quick town photo stop in Zeerust, and then arrived at Groot-Marico just after 12H30. Most of the BMW club members were there already. But they were just moving into a small building where we were entertained by some Herman Charles Bosmad stories, poems (set to music). I did not think it would be that great, but I was blown away by the way they presented. 10 out of 10 for the living museum at Groot-Marico.

Then it was off to the farm where we would be staying for the night, and where we would get to sample some mampoer. Johan the farm owner entertained us the whole afternoon, by telling us how he makes mampoer the traditional way, and the whole process involved to get to the final product. After the lessons in making the mampoer, we were then escorted to the log veranda were we were now instructed in the proper way to consume the mampoer. Stoelle!

After the sampling we then had the most amazing dinner of venison meat, potatoes and veggies. It went down a treat. Then it was off to bed to get some rest after the whole days excitement.

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