01 January, 2019

Plans for 2019.

My plan was to build a raspberry pi based robot in 2017.

I bought an extra Raspbery Pi 2 end of 2016 with a camera, and a battery pack.

I never got so far as building it.

My long term plans are to build a grandfather clock, it will be the grandfather clock to end all grandfather clocks. But that finished product is still 10 or so years away. Lots of other things need to take place fist before I get to that project.

I work colleague, has a 3d printer, and has some amazing projects that he is busy with. From 3d printed planes, to cnc machines.

Also Trish and I keep track of the rain fall in our suburb. She takes the reading, then WhatApps it to me and I add it into my Diary (a spreadsheet). We have been keeping track of it for 3 year so far. Btw the rainfall in Isandovale for the last 3 years was:
  1. 2016 - 458 mm
  2. 2017 - 689 mm
  3. 2018 - 593 mm
I have been wanting to do something with my Raspberry pi's again, and when J at work spoke about a weather station he had build to 80% completion, I asked about the rain gauge. After the chat I diced to build one and J offered to 3d print me the housing. The next morning when I arrived at work there was a plastic packed on my desk and it had the 3d printed parts and some electronic chips (The ESP8266) being one of them. This looks like an amazing chip.

However I decided I would first build it using my Raspberry Pi. So after completing a few other (video) projects I started with the Rain meter project. The details will be in a separate blog post.

So my plans for 2019 are:
  1. More blog posts for the 2 people who read them.
    (It actually is just a diary for myself)
  2. Create a rain meter using the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Create a small CNC  pen plotter machine using floppy drives (like this).
  4. Create a bigger CNC using NEMA17 motors like this.
  5. If there is time enhance the rain meter into a weather station.
This is a very tall order since I did not do much of this in 2018.

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